Common Italian Phrases Series

This Common Italian Phrases Series is aimed at learners who are already a bit familiar with Italian (at least level A2) and like to learn languages by context. See it as a traveler’s guide.

So, what will you find in every common Italian phrases lesson?

Each lesson features a number of common Italian phrases and questions with native audio recordings on a specific topic. Let’s say you want to know what Italian people are more likely to say in a restaurant, or at a bar. Or when making small talk. Anything, really.

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Pick up a lesson and start learning the most common Italian phrases today.

How to make the most out of these common Italian phrases

Listen to every sentence as much as you like, then repeat it out loud. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Go through one lesson at a time and don’t overdo yourself. Come back in a few days and go through that same lesson again. Take notes on which sentences you remember most easily, and pay attention to the common Italian phrases you have trouble remembering: these are the ones you’ll have to concentrate more on.

This is called spaced repetition, and it’s one of the most important learning strategies you can use to learn any language, not just Italian! The science evidence that backs it up is pretty strong: this stuff works.

Also, don’t forget to do the premium interactive exercises! At the bottom of each lesson you will find a link to its specific interactive exercises.

These exercises are drag-and-drop quizzes: you’ll have to match the English and Italian phrases. Since you’ll be prompted with the English sentence first, try to remember what its Italian counterpart is without looking at the movable tags!

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