Italian miscellaneous quizzes

This page contains links to all the Italian miscellaneous quizzes you can find on Lingookies. Practice your Italian skills here!

If you’re looking for other free Italian interactive exercises, see the Verb trainer and the Preposition trainer!

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Italian grammar

➡️ Gender of nouns

Exercises 1-4

➡️ Indefinite articles

Exercises 1-4

➡️ Definite articles, singular

Exercises 1-4

➡️ Plural definite articles

Exercises 1-5

➡️ Plural nouns

Exercises 1-6

➡️ Demonstratives


➡️ Stare or essere?

Exercises 1-2

➡️ C’è or ci sono?

Exercises 1-2

➡️ Descriptive adjectives

Exercises 1-2

➡️ Question words

Exercises 1-2

Miscellaneous Italian quizzes

Quizzes on what you can learn in the free Italian how to say lessons and others.

Saying helloSaying good night
Saying goodbyeAsking how are you?
Wishing good luckSaying thank you
Saying you’re welcome
Antonyms 1 (easy)Antonyms 2 (hard)
Find the typo 1-4
Guess the actor


Crosswords 1-5Crossword 6-10