free ITALIAN resources TO be SAVORed ONE BITE AT A TIME.
Learn common Italian idioms and expressions.

Lingookies (lingua + cookies) are small Italian language treats that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.
Waiting for the bus or at the post office has never been so delizioso (de.lit’

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Sparkling water in Italian
To waste time in Italian
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To give birth in Italian
To purr in Italian
To be right in Italian
To take a walk in Italian
To make sense in Italian

Speak like a native

From speakers to learners. Lingookies offers audio recordings of actual Italian speakers who will help you blend in with the natives. A Lingookie a day keeps monolingualism away!

traditional lessons and exercises

Lingookies also offers a wide selection of free Italian grammar lessons and interactive exercises. Concepts are explained in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Study the most common collocations

It is quality, not quantity, that counts in language learning. Study the most common phrases, words and collocations of the Italian language and amaze your friends with your speaking skills!

Learn Italian Online With Ease

Lingookies offers a variety of FREE resources to learn Italian.
No paywalls! Start learning Italian online today.

Common Italian Phrases Series

Do you want to learn Italian like a native? This Common Italian Phrases Series is the perfect learner’s and traveler’s guide to the most common Italian questions and sentences. Each lesson features recordings from a native speaker!

Useful Italian Words Series

Are you a serious vocabulary learner? Learn the most useful Italian words with these free lessons on many different topics! Each lesson features recordings from a native speaker!

Funny Italian Expressions Series

Do you like idioms? Want to take your Italian fluency to the next level and learn how to talk like a native? Learn Italian online through idiomatic expressions!

Italian Grammar Lessons and Tricks

Are you a traditionalist? Want to know the difference between sapere and conoscere, or between viso and faccia? Learn Italian online through grammar explanations and premium interactive exercises and test your knowledge!

Lingookies is a fairly new project and it will keep growing over time.
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