Movie titles creatively translated into Italian

A list of famous movie titles with their surprising translation into Italian. The titles are arranged in alphabetical order based on the original English title.

As you will see, the result is often unexpected. You can actually learn many Italian words by reading movie titles! 🙂

Famous Italian movie titles

2002AdaptationIl ladro di orchidee
(The orchid thief)
2006AlatristeIl destino di un guerriero
(The destiny of a warrior)
2001America’s SweetheartsI perfetti innamorati
(The perfect lovers)
1986An American TailFievel sbarca in America
(Fievel lands in America)
1999Analyze ThisTerapia e pallottole
(Therapy and bullets)
2014As Above, So BelowNecropolis – La città dei morti
(Necropolis – The city of the dead)
1994As Good as It GetsQualcosa è cambiato
(Something has changed)
1973BadlandsLa rabbia giovane
(The young rage)
1980Bad TimingIl lenzuolo viola
(The violet sheet)
2007Becase I said soPerché te lo dice mamma
(Because mom told you so)
2007Before the Devil Knows You’re DeadOnora il padre e la madre
(Honor the father and the mother)
2005Brokeback MountainI segreti di Brokeback Mountain
(The secrets of Brokeback Mountain)
1941Citizen KaneQuarto potere
(Fourth power)
1989Dead Poets SocietyL’attimo fuggente
(The fleeting moment)
1988Die HardTrappola di cristallo
(Crystal trap)
1974Dirty Mary, Crazy LarryZozza Mary, pazzo Gary
(Dirty Mary, crazy Gary)
2004Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindSe mi lasci ti cancello
(If you leave me, I’ll erase you)
1986Ferris Bueller’s Day offUna pazza giornata di vacanza
(A crazy day off)
1989Field of DreamsL’uomo dei sogni
(The man of dreams)
1981Friday the 13th Part 2L’assassino ti siede accanto
(The killer is sitting beside you)
1940His Girl FridayLa signora del venerdì
(The Friday lady)
1990Home AloneMamma, ho perso l’aereo
(Mom, I lost the plane)
2008How to Lose Friends & Alienate PeopleStar System – Se non ci sei non esisti
(Star System: If you aren’t there, you don’t exist)
2009I Love You Phillip MorrisColpo di fulmine – Il mago della truffa
(Love at first sight: The wizard of fraud)
2003Intolerable CrueltyPrima ti sposo poi ti rovino
(First I’ll marry you, then I’ll ruin you)
1975JawsLo squalo
(The shark)
2008LeatherheadsIn amore niente regole
(No rules in love)
2012Man on a Ledge40 carati
(40 carats)
1990Miller’s CrossingCrocevia della morte
(Death crossroads)
1991My Own Private IdahoBelli e dannati
(Beautiful and damned)
2003Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlPirati dei Caraibi – La maledizione della prima luna
(The course of the new moon)
1983Risky BusinessRisky Business – Fuori i vecchi… i figli ballano
(When te old ones are out… the sons dance)
1983Rumble FishRusty il selvaggio
(Wild Rusty)
2004Shaun of the DeadL’alba dei morti dementi
(Dawn of the demented dead)
1958Teacher’s Pet10 in amore
(10 in love)
1985Teen WolfVoglia di vincere
(Desire to vin)
2007The Brave OneIl buio nell’anima
(The darkness of the soul)
2012The Place Beyond the PinesCome un tuono
(Like a thunder)
1967The ProducersPer favore, non toccate le vecchiette
(Please don’t touch the old ladies)
1955The Seven Year ItchQuando la moglie è in vacanza
(When the wife is no vacation)
1994The Shawshank RedemptionLe ali della libertà
(The wings of freedom)
1991The Silence of the LambsIl silenzio degli innocenti
(The silence of the innocents)
1965The Sound of MusicTutti insieme appassionatamente
(All togerher passionately)
2007There Will Be BloodIl petroliere
(The oil dealer)
1962To Kill a MockingbirdIl buio oltre la siepe
(The darkness beyond the hedge)
1983Trading PlacesUna poltrona per due
(An armchair for two)
1993True RomanceUna vita al massimo
(A life to the fullest)
2000UnbreakableUnbreakable – Il predestinato
(Unbreakable – The predestined)
1992UnforgivenGli spietati
(The ruthless ones)
1958VertigoLa donna che visse due volte
(The woman who lived twice)
2005Walk the LineQuando l’amore brucia l’anima – Walk the Line
(When love burns the soul)
1985Weird ScienceLa donna esplosiva
(The explosive woman)
1989When Harry Met SallyHarry, ti presento Sally
(Harry, meet Sally)
And that’s the end of our list of creative Italian movie titles!

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