What the hell in Italian

How exactly do you say what the hell in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different ways you can translate this sentence into Italian. Read on to learn them all!


Let’s start! Iniziamo!

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How do you say what the hell in Italian?

Cosa diavolo…?

Cosa diavolo…? is how you most commonly translate what the hell in Italian.

Cosa diavolo…?
What the hell?

Il cassetto ha un doppio fondo. Cosa diavolo…?
The drawer has a double bottom. What in the world…?

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This common sentence in Italian can also translate the English sentence what in the world…? and is made of two elements.



Cosa diavolo…? Paolo, che stai facendo?
What in the world…? Paolo, what are you doing?

Cosa diavolo sta succedendo?
What the hell is happening?

You can also say che diavolo…?. These two forms are totally interchangeable.

Che diavolo…?
What the hell?

Che diavolo vuoi da me?
What the hell do you want from me?

Cosa diavolo vuoi da me?
What the hell do you want from me?

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Ma che diavolo!

If you want to translate what the hell in Italian as an exclamation because you are shocked about something, you can also say ma che diavolo!, with ma meaning but and che being another translation for the English word what, as we’ve seen in the paragraph above.

Ma che diavolo!
What the hell?
Literally: But what devil!

Non ti sei ancora alzato? Ma che diavolo!
Aren’t you up yet? What the hell!

Ma che diavolo succede qui? Ragazzi, cos’è questo casino?
What the hell is going on here? Guys, what is this mess?

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Less common translations of what the hell in Italian

Ma che cavolo!

Ma che cavolo! is similar to ma che diavolo!. It’s a little less rude and it features another word, cavolo. It rhymes with diavolo, devil, but it actually means cabbage.

Ma che cavolo!
What the hell?
Literally: But what cabbage!

Hai detto a Lisa che sono a casa? Ma che cavolo! Ti avevo detto di non farlo!
Did you tell Lisa I’m home? What the hell! I told you not to do that!

Cosa/che cavolo…?

You can also say cosa/che cavolo…?, especially if you’re puzzled because of something.

Cosa cavolo…?
What the hell…?

Non so che cavolo stia facendo mio fratello.
I don’t know what in the world my brother is doing.

Cosa cavolo stai dicendo, Matteo?
Matteo, what the hell are you saying?

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What the f…?

Che cazzo…? is what you can say to translate what the hell in Italian when you’d like to drop an F-bomb. It’s basically the Italian version of what the f…?.

It’s very rude, though, so don’t use this unless you really mean it.

Che cazzo…?
What the f…?

Che cazzo hai fatto, Stefano?
Stefano, what the f… did you do?

Cosa cazzo devo fare per accendere la luce?
What the f… do I have to do to turn on the light?

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And that’s it, now you know how to say what the hell in Italian in all its forms!

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