Useful Italian Words: Shoes

Shoes in Italian 1-5

La scarpa, le scarpe
The shoe, the shoes

Lo stivale
The boot

Lo stivaletto
The ankle boot

Il sandalo
The sandal

La ballerina
The ballerina shoe, the flat shoe

ballerina shoes, flat shoes with purple sole

Shoes in Italian 5-10

La scarpa da ginnastica
The running shoe

La scarpa col tacco
The high-heeled shoe

La scarpa con la zeppa
The wedge heel

La scarpa da trekking
The hiking shoe

The flip-flip

pair of green flip flops

Shoes in Italian 10-17

Il mocassino
The loafer

La pantofola
The slipper

La scarpa da uomo
The man’s shoe

I pattini a rotelle
The roller blade

Il laccio
The lace

La suola
The sole

Il tacco
The heel

glass shoe

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