Useful Italian Words: Washing hair

Washing hair in Italian 1-5

I capelli
The hair hair

Il pettine
The comb

Pettinarsi i capelli
To comb one’s hair

Sciacquarsi i capelli
To rinse one’s hair

Lavarsi i capelli
To wash one’s hair

woman washing her hair

Washing hair in Italian 5-10

Tagliarsi i capelli
To cut one’s hair

Asciugarsi i capelli
To dry one’s hair

Spazzolarsi i capelli
To brush one’s hair

La spazzola
The brush

Lo shampoo
The shampoo

bottle of purple shampoo

Washing hair in Italian 10-15

Il lavandino
The sink

Il balsamo
The hair conditioner

La piastra
The flat iron

Il phon
The hairdryer

The hairdryer

blue hair dryer

Washing hair in Italian 15-20

La lacca
The hair spray

La forcina
The bobby pin

La tinta
The dye

Tingersi i capelli
The dye one’s hair

Le forbici
The scissors

hands cutting a paper with scissors

Washing hair in Italian 20-25

Il cerchietto
The headband

The curling tongs

La messa in piega
The hairdo, styling

La parrucchiera
The female hairdresser

Il parrucchiere
The male hairdresser

male hairdresser

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