Useful Italian Words: Dried fruit

Dried fruit in Italian 1-5

La frutta secca
Dried fruit

La mandorla
The almond

La noce
The walnut

The peanut

La nocciola
The hazelnut

three hazelnuts

Dried fruit in Italian 5-10

Il pistacchio
The pistachio nut

Il pinolo
The pine nut

The cashew nut

I semi di girasole
The sunflower seeds

I semi di zucca
The pumpkin seeds

pumpkin cut in half

Dried fruit in Italian 10-15

La noce pecan
The pecan nut

La noce brasiliana
The Brazil nut

La noce macadamia
The macadamia nut

La castagna
The chestnut

La prugna secca
The dried plum

girl spitting the kernel of a dried plum

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