Useful Italian Words: Celebrations

Celebrations in Italian 1-5

La festa
The party

Il compleanno
The birthday

La festa di compleanno
The birthday party

Il regalo
The gift

La torta di compleanno
The birthday cake

friends smashing other friend's face into birthday cake - celebrations in italian

Celebrations in Italian 5-10

Il biglietto d’auguri
The greeting card

Il Natale

La Pasqua

Il Capodanno
New Year

La festa di Halloween
Halloween’s party

happy halloween! surrounded by candy and a pumpkin

Celebrations in Italian 10-15

Il carnevale

La festa del lavoro
May Day

Il giorno del Ringraziamento
Thanksgiving day

Il Ramadan

La festa della mamma
Mother’s day

kid hugging his mum - mother's day

Celebrations in Italian 15-19

La festa del papà
Father’s day

Il giorno di San Valentino
Saint Valentine’s day

Il giorno di Ognissanti
All Saints’ day

The Epiphany

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