Useful Italian Words: Makeup products

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Makeup products in Italian 1-5

I trucchi, i cosmetici

To put on makeup

Lo specchietto
The compact mirror

Il piumino
The powder puff

Il pennello
The brush

brown brush

Makeup products in Italian 5-10

Il fondotinta
The foundation cream

The eye shadow

Il mascara
The mascara

Il fard
The blusher

Il correttore
The concealer

makeup products in italian - mascara

Makeup products 10-15

La matita per gli occhi, l’eyeliner
The eyeliner

La matita per labbra
The lip liner

Il pennello per labbra
The lip brush

La matita per sopracciglia
The eyebrow pencil

Il rossetto
The lipstick

makeup products in italian - rossetto

Makeup products 15-20

Il lucidalabbra
The lip gloss

La cipria
The face powder

Il piegaciglia
The eyelash curler

Il beauty case
The vanity case

Le pinzette
The tweezers

grey tweezers

Makeup products 20-25

Le ciglia finte
The false eyelashes

Lo spazzolino per le ciglia
The eyelash brush

Lo spazzolino per le sopracciglia
The eyebrow brush

L’eyeliner liquido
The liquid eyeliner

La spugnetta

makeup products in italian - ciglia finte

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