How do you say TRUST ME in Italian?

How exactly do you say trust me in Italian? What’s more appropriate to ask depending on the relationship between you and the other person?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different ways you can translate this sentence into Italian. Read on to learn them all!

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How do you say trust me in Italian?

Singular: Fidati di me!

Fidati di me is how you translate trust me in Italian when you are addressing only one person that you know well and are on familiar terms with, such as a friend or a relative.

Fidati di me!
Trust me! (singular, informal)

This common sentence in Italian is made of three elements.

Imperative “you” form of fidarsi, to trust

Preposition di, roughly translating the English preposition “of”

Object pronoun “me”

Fidati di me, non ti deluderò.
Trust me, I will not let you down.

Fidati di me, Vincenzo. Finirò il lavoro in meno che non si dica.
Trust me, Vincenzo. I will finish the job in no time.

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Fidati is the second-person singular conjugation of fidarsi, to trust, in the imperative mood.

Imperative mood conjugation of fidarsi

lui, leisi fidi
lorosi fidino

For example, you could say…

Fidiamoci del loro giudizio, ragazzi. Non hanno mai sbagliato!
Let’s trust their judgment, guys. They have never been wrong!

Fidati di quello che ti dico. Dobbiamo andare subito via da qui.
Trust what I’m telling you. We have to get out of here right away.

Now, what do you have to say to say trust me in Italian to groups of people? You will need to conjugate the imperative verb in the second person plural. Let’s see what this form is in the next paragraph.

Plural: Fidatevi di me!

Fidatevi di me is how you translate trust me in Italian when you are addressing more than one person. It doesn’t matter if these people are your bosses at work or friends of yours. You will be using this form in both formal and informal contexts.

Fidatevi di me!
Trust me! (plural)

Italian has two kinds of “you”, unlike English. There’s a singular “you” (tu) and then there’s a plural “you” (voi). If you are addressing a group, you will need to conjugate any verb or pronoun accordingly.

If you take a closer look at the conjugation table above, you will notice that the conjugation for the subject pronoun voi is fidatevi. To this conjugation, you will need to add the object pronoun me along with the preposition di (some verbs in Italian need to be followed by a preposition, and fidarsi, to trust, is one of these). This is why we will say fidatevi di me!

Fidatevi di me, so quello che faccio.
Trust me, I know what I am doing.

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Now, how do you say trust me in Italian when you want to be polite? Keep on reading to find out!

Polite: Si fidi di me!

If you are just visiting Italy and often meet new people, unless you both agree on using the informal pronoun tu you will have to stick to the polite pronoun Lei when talking to other adults and people you are not on familiar terms with. With kids, it’s customary to use tu, no matter the degree of familiarity.

This is the equivalent of she in English. Basically, when speaking formally, Italians address each other with the subject “she”, lei.

What’s the imperative conjugation of the verb fidarsi for the subject pronoun lei? Si fidi.

That said, how do you formally ask somebody to trust you in Italian?

Si fidi di me!
Trust me! (polite)

For example, you could say…

Si fidi di me, signor Rossi. Finirò il lavoro in men che non si dica.
Trust me, Mr. Rossi. I will finish the job in no time.

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And that’s it, now you know how to say trust me in Italian in all its forms!

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