[2] To take a shower

Fare la doccia
To take a shower

You may also find this expression as farsi la doccia, to do oneself a shower.

Farsi la doccia
To take a shower
Literally: To do oneself a shower

Let’s break this up!

Fare la doccia literally means to do the shower.

To do, to make

La doccia
The shower

It can also be written as fare una doccia or farsi una doccia, meaning to do a shower or to do oneself a shower.

All these expressions are interchangeable.

Among young people, docciarsi (to shower) is also used, but it’s a very colloquial expression that you should refrain from using in formal situations.

To shower
(Very informal!)

There are many kinds of shower. Some you may find in Italian are…

Doccia rinfrescante
Refreshing shower

Doccia rilassate
Relaxing shower

And of course, a shower can be calda (hot) or fredda (cold).

Fare una doccia calda
To take a hot shower

Fare una doccia fredda
To take a cold shower


Faccio la doccia tutti i giorni.
I take a shower every day.

Quante volte ti fai la doccia alla settimana?
How many times do you take a shower in a week?

Credo che farsi la doccia due volte al giorno sia un po’ eccessivo.
I think that taking a shower twice a day is a little too much.

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