To take a shower in Italian

How do you translate the expression to take a shower in Italian?

In this lesson we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and will even talk about what kind of different showers are there in Italian and what words you are likely to hear when taking a shower or a bubbly bath.

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To take a shower in Italian

First things first, let’s translate to take a shower in Italian.

Fare la doccia
To take a shower

You may also find this expression as farsi la doccia, literally to do oneself a shower.

Farsi la doccia
To take a shower
Literally: To do oneself a shower

To take a bath, on the other hand, would be fare il bagno.

Fare il bagno
To take a bath
Literally: To do a bath

to take a bath in italian - to take a shower - kid taking a bath among many rubber ducks

To take a shower in Italian – Let’s break this up!

Fare la doccia literally means to do the shower.

To do, to make

La doccia
The shower

It can also be written as fare una doccia or farsi una doccia, meaning to do a shower or to do oneself a shower.

All these expressions for saying to take a shower in Italian are interchangeable.

Among young people, docciarsi (to shower) is also used, but it’s a very colloquial expression that you should refrain from using in formal settings.

To shower
(Very informal!)

Mi sono fatto la/una doccia.
I took a shower.

to take a shower in italian - boy surrounded by steam


Fare is a verb of the first -are group and it happens to be the most common verb in the Italian language. Its indicativo presente conjugation is irregular and is as follows.

lui, leifa

It’s a common mistake even for some native speakers to say “voi facete”. It sounds so natural, doesn’t it? This is a BIG mistake though, so remember: the correct conjugation is voi fate!

You will find fare in a huge number of expressions. Some of these are:

Fare tardi
To be late

Fare il letto
To make the bed

Fare i compiti
To do the homework

Fare male
To hurt

For example, you could say:

Luca fa spesso tardi a scuola.
Luca is often late for school.

Faccio il letto ogni mattina.
I make the bed every morning.

Mio figlio deve fare molti compiti.
My son has to do a lot of homework.

Mi fa male un dente!
My tooth hurts!

to take a shower in italian - my tooth hurts - woman with an aching tooth


We said that the translation for to take a shower in Italian is fare la doccia. Doccia is a feminine noun. It is often followed by a descriptive adjective.

Una doccia
A shower

Delle docce
Some showers

La doccia
The shower

Le docce
The showers

la doccia - the shower - boy taking a shower and washing his hair

La doccia è rotta!
The shower is broken!

Sto per farmi una doccia.
I’m going to take a shower.

L’uomo si fa una doccia.
The man takes a shower.

There are many kinds of shower. Some you may find in Italian are…

Doccia rinfrescante
Refreshing shower

Doccia rilassante
Relaxing shower

Fare una doccia calda
To take a hot shower

Fare una doccia fredda
To take a cold shower

Doccia fredda in Italian can either mean cold shower or wet blanket depending on context.

La notizia è arrivata come una doccia fredda.
The news came as a wet blanket.

cold shower - boy freezing under the shower

Meteor shower is another word that doesn’t translate well into Italian. We actually say sciame di meteore, meaning “meteor swarm”!

Sciame di meteore
Meteor shower
Literally: Meteor swarm

And baby shower in Italian… translates to baby shower. It is borrowed from English and it is a masculine noun.

Il baby shower
The baby shower

As we’ve seen, people who want to relax can also take a bath, translated as fare un bagno in Italian. Bagno is a masculine noun.

Un bagno
A bath

Dei bagni
Some baths

Il bagno
The bath

I bagni
The baths

In questo bagno manca una doccia.
This bathroom lacks a shower.

In Italian there’s no difference between bath and bathroom: they are both translated as bagno!

What could you need while you take a shower in Italian? You need sapone, soap, bagnoschiuma, body wash or sciampo, shampoo. Maybe you prefer baths. In that case, you can even let a few paperelle di gomma, rubber ducks, float on the surface of the water!

Questo bagnoschiuma ha un ottimo profumo.
This body wash smells great.

To take a shower in Italian – Examples

Quante volte ti fai la doccia alla settimana?
How many times do you take a shower in a week?

Credo che farsi la doccia due volte al giorno sia un po’ eccessivo.
I think that taking a shower twice a day is a little too much.

Faccio la doccia tutti i giorni.
I take a shower every day.

to take a shower in italian - brown dog taking a bath

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