To sunbathe in Italian

How do you translate to sunbathe in Italian?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and even talk about the different kinds of expenses in Italian.

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To sunbathe in Italian

First of all, let’s translate to sunbathe in Italian.

Prendere il sole
To sunbathe

a bear sunbathing

To sunbathe in Italian – Let’s break it down!

Prendere il sole literally means to take the sun.

To take

Il sole
The sun

Mi piace prendere il sole sul balcone.
I like to sunbathe on the balcony.

Mia sorella è appena andata in spiaggia a prendere un po’ di sole.
My sister just went to the beach to get some sun.

Non prendo mai il sole: mi scotto subito.
I never sunbathe: I get sunburned right away.

girl walking with an umbrella in broad dailight to avoid the sun


Prendere is a verb of the second -ere group and it happens to be one of the most common verbs in the Italian language. Its indicativo presente conjugation is regular and is as follows.

lui, leiprende

You will find prendere in a number of expressions. Some of them are:

Prendere un granchio
To make a blunder

Prendere l’autobus
To take the bus

Prendere un raffreddore
To catch a cold

For example, you could say:

Ho preso un enorme granchio e ho risposto male alla domanda.
I took a huge blunder and answered the question wrongly.

Prendo l’autobus per andare a scuola.
Prendo l’autobus per andare a scuola.

Ho già preso tre raffreddori quest’anno.
I have already caught three colds this year.

boy with a cold and a mask


We said that the translation for to snubathe in Italian is prendere il sole. Sole is a masculine noun. When you are referring to the astronomical Sun, the noun is capitalized: Sole.

Un sole
A sun

Dei soli
Some suns

Il sole
The sun

I soli
The suns

a yellow sun with a naughty smile

Some common expressions with sole in Italian are:

Chiaro come il sole
As clear as the sun (meaning “obvious”)

Alla luce del sole
In broad daylight
“At the light of the sun”

Bello come il sole
As beautiful as a summer’s day
“As beautiful as the sun”

For example, you could say…

La soluzione è chiara come il sole.
The solution is clear as day.

Il ladro camminava alla luce del sole, senza nascondersi.
The thief walked in broad daylight, without hiding.

Luca è un giovanotto bello come il sole.
Luca is a young man as beautiful as a summer’s day.

thief stealing a wallet from an unaware man

To sunbathe in Italian – Examples

A Vittoria piace prendere il sole in spiaggia.
Vittoria likes to sunbathe at the beach.

La mamma sta prendendo il sole sulla sedia a sdraio.
Mom is sunbathing in the deck chair.

Federica prende il sole durante la pausa pranzo al lavoro.
Federica sunbathes during her lunch break at work.

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