[1] To seal a deal

Stringere un patto
To seal a deal

You can also make a deal (this expression is used mostly in colloquial speech).

Fare un patto
To make a deal

In business language, you can also find…

Stringere un accordo
To seal a deal

Suggellare un accordo
To seal a deal

Let’s break this up!

Stringere un patto literally means to squeeze a deal.

To squeeze, to press

Un patto
A deal

The word patto itself is often followed by an adjective or by the preposition “di”, meaning of, and a noun.

Patto di collaborazione
Collaboration deal

Patto di non aggressione
Non-aggression pact

When you seal the deal with someone you’re likely to shake their hand. You’re basically squeezing their fingers. Think about this image and you’ll remember this Italian lingookie in no time!

In business language, you’re also likely to find…

Accordo commerciale
Business deal

Accordo politico
Political deal

Accordo economico
Financial deal

Accordo di pace
Peace deal


Abbiamo stretto un patto con il diavolo.
We made a deal with the devil.

Le nazioni hanno stretto un patto di collaborazione.
The nations made a collaboration deal.

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