To seal a deal in Italian

How do you translate the expression to seal a deal in Italian?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and we will even talk about making deals in Italy and the words you’re likely to hear when doing business in the country.

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To seal a deal in Italian

First of all, let’s translate to seal a deal in Italian.

Stringere un patto
To seal a deal

You can also make a deal (this expression is most common in colloquial Italian).

Fare un patto
To make a deal

In business you can also find:

Stringere un accordo
To seal a deal

Suggellare un accordo
To seal a deal

to seal a deal in italian - someone who's signing a tablet with a digital pen

To seal a deal in Italian – Let’s break it down!

Stringere un patto literally means to squeeze a deal.

To squeeze, to press

Un patto
A deal


Stringere is a verb of the second -ere group. Its indicativo presente conjugation is as follows.

lui, leistringe

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You will often find stringere with these words:

Stringere la mano
To shake hands

Stringere a sé
To hold tightly to oneself

For example, you could say:

Prima di andare via, ci stringiamo la mano.
Before we go, we shake hands.

Marco stringe Elena a sé.
Marco holds Elena close (to him).

two people, a woman and a man, hugging each other in love - to seal a deal in italian


Patto is a masculine noun. It is often followed by an adjective or by the preposition di, meaning of, and a noun.

Un patto
A deal

Dei patti
Some deals

Il patto
The deal

I patti
The deals

il patto - the deal - woman making peace sign with both hands

Avevamo un patto, ricordi?
We had a deal, remember?

In business Italian, when you do business (fare affari) with people, you will often hear…

Patto di non aggressione
Non-aggression pact

Patto di collaborazione
Collaboration deal

Sometimes, patto is replaced by accordo. They mean the same thing and they are both commonly used, but accordo is preferred by the press and politicians because it’s more polite.

You’ll find accordo in the Italian expression essere d’accordo, to agree, which literally means “to be in agreement”.

Un accordo
A deal

Degli accordi
Some deals

The deal

Gli accordi
The deals

When you read the newspaper, sometimes you will see…

Accordo commerciale
Business deal

Accordo politico
Political agreement

Accordo economico
Financial agreement

Accordo di pace
Peace agreement, peace treaty

to seal a deal in italian - accordo di pace - dove holding an olive twig

For example, you could say:

L’accordo di pace tra le due nazioni è saltato.
The peace treaty between the two nations is off.

Il governo chiede un accordo politico.
The government demands a political agreement.

It’s customary for people doing business to shake hands. In Italian, a handshake is called stretta di mano, “grasp of hand”. You may also need to sign (firmare) a paper (un foglio).

Firmi qui, per favore.
Please sign here.

Also, “deal” doesn’t always translate with patto in Italian. For example, how would you say what’s the big deal in Italian?

Qual è il problema?
What’s the big deal?

Non è un problema.
It’s no big deal.

Literally, what is the problem? and it is not a problem.

To seal a deal in Italian – Examples

Abbiamo stretto un patto con il diavolo.
We made a deal with the devil.

Le nazioni hanno stretto un patto di collaborazione.
The nations made a collaboration deal.

to seal a deal in italian - patto di collaborazione - man signing ok with his hand

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