[9] To save time

Risparmiare tempo
To save time

To save time in Italian: let’s break this up!

Risparmiare tempo is literally translated as to spare time, with the meaning “use less time for doing something”.

Tempo is simply the Italian translation for time.

To spare, to save


Prendi l’autobus per risparmiare tempo.
Take the bus to save time.

to save time in italian - green bus

Risparmiare alone can also mean “to save money”.

You’ll find this verb in a variety of other expressions in Italian. Some of them are:

Risparmiare spazio
To save space

Risparmiare energia
To save energy

Risparmiarsi il disturbo
To save oneself the trouble

You’ll notice that risparmiare is translated as “to save” in these expressions.

To save is actually translated as salvare, as in salvare una vita, to save a life.

Salvare una vita
To save a life

Some other times it’s even translated as tenere, to keep.

Tenere un posto a qualcuno
To save someone a seat

three people on the subdway, a man a woman and an old man

We said that time in Italian is tempo. This is a masculine noun and in sentences it is almost always preceded by an article.

Il tempo
(The) time

Il tempo è denaro!
Time is money!

Time as in “to tell the time” is actually translated as dire l’ora, which literally translates to “to say the hour”.

Dire l’ora
To tell the time

Mi sai dire l’ora?
Can you tell me the time?

Expressions like dire che ora è and dire che ore sono are also very common.

Mi sai dire che ora è?
Can you tell me the time?
Literally: Can you tell me what hour it is?

Mi sai dire che ore sono?
Can you tell me the time?
Literally: Can you tell me what hours they are?

Other expressions with tempo are…

Avere tempo per
To have time for

Tempo libero
Spare time

Tempo di cottura
Cooking time
(We like to cook, so this is important!)

You’ll also find il viaggio nel tempo, time travel. From this you get the verb viaggiare nel tempo, to travel back in time.

Viaggio nel tempo
Time travel

to save time in italian - viaggio nel tempo - man travelling through time

To save time in Italian: examples

A volte si risparmia tempo prendendo la strada più lunga.
Sometimes you save time by taking the longer road.

Risparmieremo tempo se prendiamo la metropolitana.
We’ll save time if we go by subway.

Mi taglio i capelli da solo per risparmiare tempo e soldi.
I cut my own hair to save time and money.

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