To give a ride in Italian

How do you translate to give a ride in Italian?

In this lesson we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and will even talk about a few words you can use while driving a car.

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To give a ride in Italian

First things first, let’s translate to give a ride in Italian.

Dare un passaggio
To give a ride

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To give a ride can also be translated as dare un passaggio in macchina, but this expression is longer and not as commonly used.

Dare un passaggio in macchina
To give a ride

To give a ride in Italian – Let’s break this up!

Dare un passaggio (in macchina) is literally translated as to give a ride.

Passaggio has two meanings: passage and ride, lift.

In macchina simply means in (the) car.

To give


Ride, lift

Sali! Ti do un passaggio fino a casa.
Get in! I’ll give you a ride home.

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Dare is an irregular verb of the first -are group. Its indicativo presente conjugation is as follows.

lui, leidà

You’ll find this verb in a variety of other expressions in Italian. It is a very common verb. Some of these expressions are:

Dare un’occhiata
To take a look
(To give a glance)

Dare un suggerimento
To make a suggestion, to give a tip
(To give a suggestion)

Dare una mano
To give a helping hand
(To give a hand)

man throwing a lifesaver to a drowning man

For example, you could say:

Ho dato un’occhiata al manuale, ma non ho trovato niente di interessante.
I’ve taken a look at the manual, but didn’t find anything interesting.

Luca dà sempre dei suggerimenti non richiesti.
Luke always makes unsolicited suggestions.

Mi dai una mano a portare in casa questi scatoloni?
Can you help me carry these boxes into the house?


We said that the translation for to give a ride in Italian is dare un passaggio. Passaggio is a masculine noun.

Un passaggio
A passage/ride

Dei passaggi
Some passages/rides

Il passaggio
The passage/ride

I passaggi
The passages/rides

hallway in a megastore

Il passaggio era stretto e umido.
The passage was narrow and damp.

C’è un passaggio segreto dietro alla libreria.
There is a secret passage behind the bookcase.

Now let’s take a look at a few words and expressions you may encounter while driving.

Useful expressions while driving in Italy

Girare a sinistra
To turn left

Girare a destra
To turn right

Dare la precedenza
To give right of way

Passare con il rosso
To run a red light
(To pass with the red)

red light

For example, you could say…

Gira a sinistra su Via Carducci, poi vai dritto.
Turn left onto Via Carducci, then go straight.

Non ti ho detto di girare a destra, ma a sinistra!
I didn’t tell you to turn right, but left!

Bisogna dare la precedenza ai pedoni.
Pedestrians must be given right of way.

Sono passato con il rosso e mi hanno tolto dei punti dalla patente.
I ran a red light and got penalty points on my driving record.
(I ran a red light and had points taken off my license.)

To give a ride in Italian – Examples

Mi daresti un passaggio a scuola, per favore?
Would you please give me a ride to school?

Se dai un passaggio a qualcuno, sii responsabile mentre guidi.
If you give someone a ride, be responsible when driving.

Uno sconosciuto voleva darmi un passaggio in macchina. Assurdo!
A stranger wanted to give me a ride in his car. Absurd!

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