[8] To get married

To get married

To get married in Italian: let’s break this up!

Sposarsi is literally translated as to marry oneself. Any Italian verb ending in –si is a reflexive verb.

“To marry oneself”

Mia sorella si sposerà a giugno.
My sister will get married in June.
Literally: My sister will marry herself in June.

mi sposerò a giugno - to get married in italian - bride launching a flower bouquet in the air

The verb sposare, which is where the reflexive verb form sposarsi comes from, means to marry (someone).

Voglio sposarti.
I want to marry you.

Ho chiesto ad Anna di sposarmi.
I asked Anna to marry me.

Much like in English, the verb sposare can also be used to mean to join in marriage.

Ci ha sposato un parroco.
A priest married us.

le ho chiesto di sposarmi - to get married in italian - man proposing to a woman, holding a ring behind is back

Wedding in Italian is matrimonio.

Il matrimonio
The wedding

What can you find in an Italian wedding ceremony (cerimonia nuziale)? Here are a few suggestions:

La fede nuziale
Wedding ring

L’abito da sposa
Wedding dress
Literally: Bride dress

Il banchetto nuziale
Wedding feast

Il lancio del bouquet
Throwing of the bouquet

La torta nuziale
Wedding cake

newly weds cutting the wedding cake

To get married in Italian: examples

Si sposeranno il mese prossimo.
They will get married next month.

Claudia si è sposata con mio fratello l’anno scorso.
Claudia got married to my brother last year.

È vera la voce che Giulia si sposerà con Enrico?
Is the rumor that Giulia will get married to Enrico true?

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