[6] To catch fire

Prendere fuoco
To catch fire

To catch fire in Italian: let’s break this up!

Prendere fuoco could be literally translated as to take fire.

To take

Il fuoco
The fire

Le case di legno prendono fuoco facilmente.
Wooden houses catch fire easily.

to catch fire in italian - wooden house burning

Prendere is a very versatile verb in Italian and you will find it in other collocations with “to catch”. Here are some:

Prendere l’autobus
To catch the bus

Prendere l’influenza
To catch the flu

Prendere un raffreddore
To catch a cold

Prendere un ladro
To catch a thief

There’s more than a kind of fire in Italian. When we talk about a fire that sparks on its own, we use incendio instead of fuoco.

Incendio gigantesco
Huge fire

Incendio devastante
Devastating fire

Incendio boschivo
Forest fire

Incendio in cucina
Kitchen fire

Incendio doloso


falò - man in front of a bonfire

To catch fire in Italian: examples

Le case di legno prendono fuoco molto facilmente.
Wooden houses catch fire very easily.

La padella ha preso fuoco mentre stavo friggendo alcune strisce di pancetta.
The pan caught fire while I was frying some strips of bacon.

Il pollaio ha preso fuoco, ma le galline sono riuscite a scappare.
The hen house caught fire, but the chickens managed to escape.

Cosa facciamo se l’edificio prende fuoco?
What can we do if the building catches fire?

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