[7] To burst into tears

Scoppiare in lacrime
To burst into tears

To burst into tears in Italian: let’s break this up!

Scoppiare in lacrime could be literally translated as to blow up into tears.

To blow up, to blast

La lacrima
The tear

Il neonato scoppia in lacrime.
The baby bursts into tears.

to burst into tears in italian - baby who won't stop crying and a mother trying to calm him down

Scoppiare is a verb that is used in a variety of other Italian expressions. Here are some:

Scoppiare a ridere
To burst into laughter

Scoppiare in un applauso
To burst into applause

Far scoppiare un palloncino
To burst a balloon

Far scoppiare una bolla
To burst a bubble

There’s more than one kind of tear in Italian. What tears can you find? Here are some adjectives that often go with lacrime, “tears”.

Lacrime amare
Bitter tears

Lacrime sincere
Genuine tears

Lacrime cocenti, bollenti
Hot tears

Lacrime di rabbia
Angry tears

Lacrime di coccodrillo
Crocodile tears

crocodile tears - to burst into tears in italian

A stray tear is translated as lacrima solitaria.

Lacrima solitaria
Stray tear

To burst into tears in Italian: examples

Appena ho sentito la notizia, sono scoppiato in lacrime.
As soon as I heard the news, I burst into tears.

Quando Nicole venne a sapere che il suo gatto era morto, scoppiò in lacrime.
When Nicole heard that her cat had died, she burst into tears.

Potevo vedere che mia sorella stava per scoppiare in lacrime.
I could see that my sister was about to burst into tears.

Asciugai una lacrima solitaria sul suo viso.
I wiped away a stray tear from her face.

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