To be right in Italian

How do you translate the expression to be right in Italian?

In this lesson we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation.

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To be right in Italian

First things first, let’s translate to be right in Italian.

Avere ragione
To be right

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To be right in Italian – Let’s break this up!

Avere ragione could be literally translated as to have reason.

To have


Posso dimostrare di avere ragione.
I can prove that I am right..

Forse hai ragione, sono stato egoista.
Perhaps you are right, I have been selfish.

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Avere is a verb of the second -ere group. Its indicativo presente conjugation is irregular and is as follows.

lui, leiha

Avere is a very common verb that is used in a wide variety of other Italian expressions. Here are some:

Avere caldo
To be hot

Avere freddo
To be cold

Avere bisogno di
To need

Avere fame
To be hungry

Avere sete
To be thirsty

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For example, you could say:

Ho troppo caldo con questo maglione di lana.
I’m too hot in this wool sweater.

Mettiti una felpa, o rischi di avere freddo.
Put on a sweatshirt or you risk being cold.

Vado a fare spesa. Hai bisogno di qualcosa?
I’m going shopping. Do you need anything?

Il cane ha sete. Abbiamo un po’ d’acqua?
The dog is thirsty. Do we have some water?


We said that the translation for to be right in Italian is avere ragione. Ragione is a feminine noun (una/la ragione). Its forms are as follows.

Una ragione
A reason

Delle ragioni
Some reasons

La ragione
The reason

Le ragioni
The reasons

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Ragione is a very specific word and is found in a number of set expressions. The most common are:

Perdere l’uso della ragione
To lose one’s mind

Perdere il lume della ragione
To lose one’s mind

Recuperare l’uso della ragione
To get one’s mind back

For example, you could say…

Tutti guardarono Tom come se avesse perso il lume della ragione.
Everyone looked at Tom like he’d lost his mind.

mad scientist

To be right in Italian – Examples

Dovevo ammettere che Jane aveva ragione.
I had to admit that Jane was right.

Nessuno di loro aveva ragione.
None of them were right.

Si scoprì che Paul aveva sempre avuto ragione.
It turned out that Paul had been right all along.

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