How do you say STUBBORN in Italian?

How exactly do you say stubborn in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different words you can use to talk about being stubborn in Italian and you will even learn some interesting facts featuring this word. Read on to learn them all!


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Stubborn in Italian


Testardo is how you translate stubborn into Italian. Let’s hear how this adjective is pronounced.

Its pronunciation is similar to teh-star-do and it comes from the Italian word testa, “head”. Make sure the final -o has a clean sound, because Italian vowel sounds are clean!


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Like all other adjectives in Italian, testardo needs to match the gender and number of the noun.


If a man is stubborn, you would say testardo because man, uomo, is a masculine noun in Italian.

Likewise, you will say testarda, if you’re talking about a stubborn woman, donna, which is a feminine noun.

Plural nouns behave the same way: if you want to describe some stubborn men (uomini, masculine plural), use testardi. If you’re talking about some stubborn women (donne, feminine plural), use testarde instead.

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For example, you can say…

Mario è un tipo testardo, non cambierà idea facilmente.
Mario is a stubborn guy; he won’t change his mind easily.

Martina è testarda come un mulo.
Martina is as stubborn as a mule.

Gabriele è il più testardo tra i miei figli.
Gabriele is the most stubborn among my children.

Una persona testarda non si lascia convincere facilmente.
A stubborn person is not easily persuaded.

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Stubborn people are said to have a “hard head” in Italian with the expression avere la testa dura, “to have a hard head”. You can also find it as essere una testa dura, “to be a hard head”.

Sei una testa dura, Vincenzo!
You are very stubborn, Vincenzo!

Other translations for stubborn in Italian

There are a number of synonyms for stubborn in Italian that you can use instead of testardo. The most common ones are…

Stubborn (more formal)

Stubborn (colloquial)


For example, you can say…

Perché sei sempre così cocciuto?
Why are you always so stubborn?

Michele è un tipo molto ostinato e non si fermerà davanti a nessun ostacolo.
Michele is very stubborn and will stop at no obstacle.

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And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say stubborn in Italian!

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