How do you say SLOW in Italian?

How exactly do you say slow in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at how you can translate slow in Italian and you will even learn some expressions featuring this word. Read on to learn them all!


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Slow in Italian


Lento is how you translate slow into Italian. Let’s hear how this adjective is pronounced.

Its pronunciation is similar to lehn-toh and it comes from the Latin word lentus, “slow, foldable”. Make sure the final -o has a clean sound, because Italian vowel sounds are clean!


man slowed down by a slimy substance

Like all other adjectives in Italian, lento needs to match the noun in both gender and number.


If a cat is slow, you would say lento because cat, gatto, is a masculine noun in Italian.

Likewise, if you’re talking about a hyena, iena, which is a feminine noun, you would say lenta.

Plural nouns behave the same way: if you want to describe a group of slow workers (masculine plural), use lenti. If you’re talking about some slow monkeys (feminine plural), use lente instead.

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For example, you could say…

La connessione a Internet è molto lenta.
The Internet connection is very slow.

La tartaruga è un animale lento.
A turtle is a slow animal.

Questo libro è troppo lento. Non succede mai niente!
This book is too slow. Nothing ever happens!

I progressi sono lenti, ma l’importante è andare avanti.
Progress is slow, but the important thing is to move forward.

woman looking at a chart on a computer

Expressions featuring slow in Italian

There are many idioms featuring the word for slow in Italian. Let’s see a few:

  • essere lento come una lumaca (to be as slow as a snail)
  • cuocere a fuoco lento (to cook on low heat)
  • a passo lento (at a slow/leisurely pace)
  • essere lento di comprendonio (to be slow at grasping things)

For example, you could say…

La carne va cotta a fuoco lento per almeno venti minuti.
The meat should be cooked on low heat for at least 20 minutes.

Camminavamo a passo lento lungo la spiaggia.
We walked at a leisurely pace along the beach.

Luigi è lento come una lumaca.
Luigi is as slow as a snail.

a smiling snail

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say slow in Italian!

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