How do you say SEPTEMBER in Italian?

How exactly do you say September in Italian?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the word itself along with some others that may be useful for talking about this month of the year, such as sunny, rainy, grapes, and summer.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll know everything you need to talk about the month of September in Italian like a real pro. Let’s start! Iniziamo!

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How do you say September in Italian?


Settembre is how you translate September into Italian.


Settembre, from sette meaning seven, is so called because during the Roman empire it was the seventh month of the year.

It was King Numa Pompilius who introduced what have now become the first two months of the year, January and February (or, more accurately, gennaio and febbraio… after all, we are studying Italian)! So, September is now the ninth month of the year.

Unlike months in English, months in Italian are not capitalized.

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For example, you could say…

La scuola riapre a settembre.
School reopens in September.

Compirò 16 anni a settembre.
I’ll be sixteen in September.

Questo settembre è stato molto piovoso.
This September was very rainy.

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What happens in September

September is a loony month. It can be very rainy, piovoso, but also still quite sunny, soleggiato. Summer, l’estate, is coming to an end and schools reopen for a new school year, un nuovo anno scolastico.

L’equinozio d’autunno si verifica a settembre.
The autumnal equinox occurs in September.

What kinds of fruit ripen in September? If you’re shopping in a supermarket, you will see a wide variety of fichi, figs, pesche, peaches and above all uva, grapes!

Il fico, i fichi
The fig, the figs


La pesca, le pesche
The peach, the peaches

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For example, you could say…

Le scimmie stavano mangiando dei fichi.
The monkeys were eating figs.

L’uva è così acida che non riesco a mangiarla.
The grapes are so sour I can’t eat them.

Mattia ha un piccolo pesco in giardino.
Mattia has a small peach tree in his backyard.

Expressions with September in Italian

Let’s wrap up our lesson with a couple of expressions (espressioni, from the singular espressione) that feature the word for September in Italian.

The first we’re going to see literally translates to “to postpone to September”, but means to fail a subject.

In Italy, If you finish the school year and have bad grades in any subject, you will have to take an exam concerning that subject just before starting the next year in September. If you fail that exam, you will fail the whole year. It’s as if your failure is “postponed” until September.

Rimandare a settembre
To fail a subject
Literally: To postpone to September

Settembre, l’uva è fatta e il fico pende
Fruit ripens in September
Literally: September, the grapes are done and the fig tree leans

two fig, one cut in half - how do you say september in italian

September, the grapes are done and the fig tree leans is a saying about the many kinds of fruit that ripen in September (we’ve just covered some of them in the paragraph above).

September is a very prolific month when it comes to agriculture: grapes are harvested and fig trees are so burdened with fruit their branches literally lean towards the ground!

Thirty Days Hath September

I want to add a final treat to our lesson on how to say September in Italian. You’ll surely know the nursery rhyme that goes Thirty Days Hath September… well, Italian has its own song too!

Trenta giorni ha novembre
Thirty days has November

con april, giugno e settembre.
with April, June and September.

Di ventotto ce n’è uno,
of twenty-eight days there’s one

tutti gli altri ne han trentuno!
all the others have thirty-one!

And that’s it, now you know how to say September in Italian!

What next?

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