Meaning of RUFFIANO in Italian

What’s the meaning of ruffiano in Italian?

Ruffiano is the most common Italian translation for “boot-licker”. Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences!

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What does ruffiano mean in Italian?

Ruffiano is an informal translation for panderer, boot-licker, kiss-ass.

How do you pronounce it?

Panderer, boot-licker, kiss-ass

Its pronunciation is similar to roof-fee-ah-noh. Be careful not to add a -w sound to the final -o. Italian vowel sounds are clean.

a panderer

Examples with ruffiano in Italian

Marco è un ruffiano, cerca sempre di ottenere favori dagli altri.
Marco is always a flatterer, he always tries to get favors from others.

Non fare il ruffiano solo per piacere agli altri, sii te stesso.
Don’t be a boot-licker just to please others, be yourself.

Non sopporto i ruffiani che cercano di ottenere favori con falsità.
I can’t stand panderers who try to gain favors through insincerity.

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Now that we’ve covered the meaning of ruffiano in Italian, you’re ready to put your skills to the test and start using it in your sentences!

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