Useful Italian Words: Reptiles

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Reptiles in Italian 1-5

Il rettile
The reptile

Il serpente
The snake

La vipera
The viper

Il pitone
The python

Il cobra
The cobra

hissing cobra - reptiles in italian

Reptiles in Italian 6-10

Il crotalo
The rattlesnake

Il coccodrillo
The crocodile

The alligator

Il caimano
The cayman

La tartaruga
The turtle

useful italian words for reptiles in italian - blue sea turtle

Reptiles in Italian 11-15

La testuggine
The tortoise

Il carapace
The turtle shell

La lucertola
The lizard

Il ramarro
The green lizard

The iguana

green iguana looking right

Reptiles in Italian 16-20

Il drago di Komodo
The Komodo dragon

Il geco
The gecko

La tartaruga azzannatrice
The snapping turtle

L’animale a sangue freddo
The cold-blooded animal

Il dinosauro
The dinosaur

useful italian words for reptiles - t-rex

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➡️ Go to the reptiles in Italian interactive exercises.

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