What does PRONTO mean in Italian?

How do you use the word pronto in Italian? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

In this lesson, we will look at how to use this word along with many audio recordings and example sentences. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

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Pronto in Italian

What is pronto?

Pronto is both an interjection and an adjective that can be translated into English as “ready”. In phone calls, it means “hello!”.

Ready, hello!

Its pronunciation is close to pron-toh. If you have trouble pronouncing Italian sounds, refer to the Italian pronunciation guide.

Now, let’s see a couple of example sentences with pronto in Italian, before taking a look at how to use this word.

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Pronto? Chi parla?
Hello? Who is talking?

Luca, sei pronto?
Are you ready, Luca?

Sono pronta per partire.
I’m ready to leave.

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Now let’s see what the use of pronto in Italian is.

Using pronto in Italian

Pronto is used very differently in Italian than in English. It does NOT mean “quickly”.

We’ve said that pronto in Italian is an adjective and an interjection that translate to the English words ready and hello.

Yes, Italians say pronto to answer the phone. It’s as if they are… ready to speak.

Pronto? – Ciao, sono Marco. Alessandro è in casa?
Hello! – Hi, this is Marco. Is Alessandro home?

Pronto is also used to give a wake up call, just as the English word hello? or the expression “are you there?”.

Pronto? Hai sentito quello che ho detto?
Hello? Did you hear what I said?

Federico? Pronto…?
Federico? Are you there…?

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As an adjective, pronto can also translate “prompt” or “prepared”. This definition can be found in collocations like pronto soccorso (emergency room) or riflessi pronti (quick reflexes).

Sono andato al pronto soccorso per un morso di vipera.
I went to the emergency room for a viper bite.

Gianni ha sempre avuto i riflessi pronti. Non sbaglia un tiro.
Gianni has always had quick reflexes. He doesn’t miss a shot.

La pasta non è ancora pronta. Aspetta cinque minuti.
The pasta is not ready yet. Wait five minutes.

Sei pronta per andare a scuola?
Are you ready to go to school?

I risultati saranno pronti domani mattina.
The results will be ready tomorrow morning.

Pronti, partenza… via!
Ready, set… go!

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FAQs on pronto in Italian

What does pronto mean in Italian?

It means “hello” (in phone calls) and “ready, prompt”.

What is pronto?

Pronto is an Italian interjection and adjective meaning “hello” or “ready, prompt”.

And that’s it, now you know how to use pronto in Italian!

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