Meaning of PANTOFOLAIO in Italian

What’s the meaning of the funny-sounding word pantofolaio in Italian? Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences.

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What does pantofolaio mean in Italian?

Pantofolaio is the Italian translation for couch potato. It describes someone who spends a lot of time indoors and may not be very active or adventurous.

How do you pronounce it?

Couch potato

The pronunciation of pantofolaio in Italian is similar to pan-toh-fo-LAH-yo. Pantofolaio comes from the Italian word pantofola, meaning “slipper”. There’s this idea of comfort associated with being at home, particularly when wearing slippers.

A feminine version exists, pantofolaia.

a woman relaxing on a couch

Un pantofolaio
A couch potato

Dei pantofolai
Some couch potatoes

Il pantofolaio
The couch potato

I pantofolai
The couch potatoes

For example, you can say:

Luca è un vero pantofolaio. Non esce quasi mai!
Luke is a real couch potato. He hardly ever goes out!

Mio nonno, ormai anziano, è diventato un pantofolaio.
My grandpa, now an old man, became a couch potato.

Mi piace trascorrere il weekend a leggere sul divano. Sono una pantofolaia!
I like to spend the weekend reading on the couch. I am a couch potato!

a brown sofa

A synonym of pantofolaio in Italian

Poltrone is another way you can translate “couch potato” into Italian. This word comes from poltrona, “armchair”, and it’s used to describe someone who spends too much time sitting or lounging around rather than being active or productive, so “slacker” or “loafer” would be a better translation. Differently from pantofolaio, it’s a derogatory term.

Sveglia quel poltrone di tuo fratello e digli di venire qui!
Wake up your loafer brother and tell him to come here!

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