How do you say YOUNG in Italian?

Young in Italian


Giovane is how you say young in Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word iuvēnis, meaning “young man”


Young in Italian: Different forms

Like all other adjectives in Italian, giovane needs to match the gender (masculine or feminine) and the number (singular or plural) of the noun.

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Young in Italian: Examples

Sono ancora giovane e ho tutta la vita davanti.
I am still young and have my whole life ahead of me.

La giovane coppia si è appena sposata.
The young couple just got married.

Questo è un problema che riguarda soprattutto i giovani.
This is a problem that mainly concerns young people.

Questa giovane attrice ha vinto numerosi premi.
This young actress won numerous awards.

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Use giovinezza to translate youth.

La giovinezza è un periodo meraviglioso della vita.
Youth is a wonderful period of life.

La sua bellezza è rimasta intatta dalla giovinezza fino all’età adulta.
Her beauty remained unchanged from youth to adulthood.

You can use the verb ringiovanire to translate “to make something look younger”.

Fare esercizio fisico regolare aiuta a ringiovanire il corpo e a mantenerlo in salute.
Exercising regularly helps to rejuvenate the body and keep it healthy.

Questo nuovo trattamento estetico promette di ringiovanire la pelle in modo naturale.
This new aesthetic treatment promises to rejuvenate the skin naturally.

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Young in Italian: Expressions

There is a number of common idioms featuring the word for young in Italian. Some of them are…

For example, you can say…

  • giovane età (young age)
  • gioventù bruciata (wasted youth)
  • quando ero giovane… (when I was young…)
  • giovane esploratore (young explorer)

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