How do you say SMOKE in Italian?

Smoke in Italian

Fumo is how you say smoke in Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word fūmus, “smoke” or “steam”


Smoke in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, fumo has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Il fumo is also used to translate “smoking” as a noun, the act of smoking cigarettes.

Un fumo
A smoke

Dei fumi
Some smokes

Il fumo
The smoke

I fumi
The smokes

a woman holding a candle emitting smoke

Smoke in Italian: Examples

Odio il fumo di sigaretta.
I hate cigarette smoke.

Il fumo nuoce alla salute.
Smoking is harmful to health.

Vedi il fumo nero laggiù?
Do you see the black smoke over there?

Cercate di non inalare i fumi.
Try not to inhale the fumes.

people trying to escape smoke

From fumo you get fumare, the verb “to smoke”. For example, you can say:

Mio nonno fuma un pacchetto di sigarette al giorno.
My grandfather smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

To say that something is giving off smoke, you can say fare fumo or emettere fumo.

La stufa sta facendo fumo, dobbiamo aprire la finestra!
The stove is emitting smoke, we need to open the window!

Quitting smoking is hard, so we will say…

Non è facile smettere di fumare.
It is not easy to quit smoking.

drawing of a boy smoking

You might also hear…

Il vizio del fumo
The smoking habit

Il rilevatore di fumo
The smoke detector

Il fumo di sigaretta
Cigarette smoke

Il fumo di tabacco
Tobacco smoke

Il fumo passivo
Passive smoke

Segnale di fumo
Smoke signal

For example, you can say:

Stiamo diventando molto consapevoli dei pericoli del fumo passivo.
We are becoming very aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Si può comunicare attraverso segnali di fumo?
Can people communicate through smoke signals?

a native american indian

Smoke in Italian: Expressions

There are a number of idiomatic expressions featuring the word for smoke in Italian. For example:

  • andare in fumo (to go up in flames, to go up in smoke)
  • mandare in fumo (to ruin)
  • vendere fumo (to be full of hot air, to rip off)
  • tutto fumo e niente arrosto (all hat and no cattle)
  • essere come il fumo negli occhi (to annoy)
  • gettare fumo negli occhi (pull the wool over someone’s eyes, hoodwink)
  • venditore di fumo (crook, conman)

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