How do you say RICH in Italian?

Rich in Italian


Ricco is how you translate rich into Italian.

OriginFrom the old Lombardic word rīhhi, “rich”


Rich in Italian: Different forms

Like all other adjectives in Italian, ricco needs to match the gender (masculine or feminine) and the number (singular or plural) of the noun.

rich man cleaning himself with a stack of bills

Rich in Italian: Examples

Il pane integrale è ricco di fibre.
Whole wheat bread is rich in fiber.

La famiglia reale è molto ricca e vive in un palazzo sontuoso.
The royal family is very rich and lives in a lavish palace.

Abbiamo partecipato a un ricco banchetto.
We attended a rich banquet.

I musei sono ricchi di storia.
The museums are rich in history.

museum guide showing a painting

If you want to say to get rich in Italian, use either the reflexive verb arricchirsi or the expression diventare ricco.

Lorenzo si è arricchito grazie ai suoi investimenti immobiliari. Ora vive di rendita.
Lorenzo got rich from his real estate investments. Now he lives off his private income.

Il padre di Valerio è diventato ricco grazie alle sue capacità imprenditoriali.
Valerio’s father became rich thanks to his entrepreneurial skills.

Ricchezza, prosperity or wealth, is derived from ricco.

Prosperity, wealth

La vera ricchezza è avere una famiglia amorevole e amici fidati.
True wealth is having a loving family and trusted friends.

rich man setting fire to some money

Rich in Italian: Expressions

There is a number of common idioms associated with the word for rich in Italian. Some of them are…

  • essere ricco sfondato (to be rolling in it, to be filthy rich)
  • essere al verde (to be broke)
  • fare una vita da nababbo (“to lead a nabob’s life”)

For example, you can say…

Mi presti dieci euro? Sono completamente al verde!
Can I borrow ten euros? I’m completely broke!

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