How do you say LAZY in Italian?

Lazy in Italian


Pigro is how you translate lazy into Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word piger, meaning “slow”


Lazy in Italian: Different forms

Like all other adjectives in Italian, pigro needs to match the gender (masculine or feminine) and the number (singular or plural) of the noun.

boy relaxing

Lazy in Italian: Examples

Le mie sorelline sono un po’ pigre.
My little sisters are a bit lazy.

Tom non è assolutamente stupido. È solo pigro.
Tom is definitely not stupid. He’s just lazy.

Questi studenti sono molto pigri.
These students are very lazy.

Leonardo è pigro e viziato.
Leonardo is lazy and spoiled.

spoiled boy stamping his foot

There are a number of synonyms you can use instead of pigro. The most common are…

Slacker, loafer
(From scansare + fatiche, literally “one who dodges efforts”)

Slacker, loafer
(Derived from non fare nulla, “to do nothing”)

Slacker, loafer

For example, you can say…

Matteo è proprio un pelandrone. Dorme fino a mezzogiorno!
Matteo is such a slacker. He sleeps until noon!

I ragazzi di oggi non sono fannulloni. Pretendono solo i loro diritti.
Today’s youth is not lazy. They only claim their rights.

Muoviti, scansafatiche!
Move it, you slacker!

sloth hanging on a branch

We can also describe a lazy person as essere nato stanco, which literally means “to be born tired”.

Other things that are said to be lazy in Italian are…

  • intestino pigro (lazy bowel)
  • occhio pigro (lazy eye)

For example, you can say…

Ho l’intestino molto pigro. Mangio due kiwi al giorno.
I have a very lazy bowel. I eat two kiwis a day.

Mio figlio dovrà indossare una benda sull’occhio pigro.
My son will have to wear a patch over his lazy eye.

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