How do you say COOKIE in Italian?


Biscotto is how you say cookie in Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word biscoctus, “double cooked”

Il biscotto
The cookie

I biscotti
The cookies

Like most nouns in Italian, biscotto has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Un biscotto
A cookie

Dei biscotti
Some cookies

Il biscotto
The cookie

I biscotti
The cookies

biscotto - cookie with chocolate chips

Italy offers a vast array of cookies, and if you ever pay us a visit, make sure to taste them all! I suggest: taralli, savoiardi, krumiri, cantucci, amaretti. I swear they are all delicious, so you’d better try them all! Watch your belly, though: they can be quite… calorici.

What does calorici mean? Find out below!

You will find the word cookie in Italian most commonly in combination with certain verbs, such as:

Assaggiare un biscotto
To taste a cookie

Inzuppare un biscotto
To dunk a cookie

Preparare dei biscotti
To make some cookies

Sgranocchiare dei biscotti
To munch some cookies

Infornare dei biscotti
To bake some cookies

infornare dei biscotti - to bake some cookies - chef holding a tray of cookies - how do you say cookie in italian

Tieni, assaggia questo biscotto!
Here, try this cookie!

Adoro inzuppare i biscotti nel tè a colazione.
I love to dunk cookies in tea while having breakfast.

Ho preparato dei biscotti al cioccolato, ne vuoi un po’?
I made some chocolate cookies, want some?

Ho appena infornato i biscotti.
I’ve just put the cookies in the oven.

You will find the word cookie in Italian most commonly in combination with certain nouns, such as:

Barattolo dei biscotti
Cookie jar

Biscotti al cioccolato
Chocolate cookies

Biscotti alle mandorle
Almond cookies

Biscotto della fortuna
Fortune cookie

cookie in italian - biscotti della fortuna

Scatola di biscotti
Cookie box

Biscotti all’anice
Aniseed cookies

Biscotto da tè
Cookie for tea

Vassoio di biscotti
Plate of cookies

vassoio di biscotti - tray of chocolate cookies

Chi ha saccheggiato il barattolo dei biscotti?!
Who looted the cookie jar?!

Mia mamma sa fare dei deliziosi biscotti ripieni alla fragola.
My mum can make some delicious strawberry-stuffed cookies.

Vendono una nuova marca di biscotti al supermercato, me ne prendi una confezione?
They are selling a new cookie brand at the supermarket, will you buy me a bag?

You will find the word cookie in Italian most commonly in combination with certain adjectives, such as:

Biscotto friabile
Crumbly cookie

Biscotto integrale
Whole wheat cookie

Biscotto dietetico
Dietary cookie

Biscotto croccante
Crunchy cookie

Biscotto fatto in casa
Home-made cookie

Biscotto industriale
Packaged cookie

Biscotto ripieno
Stuffed cookie

biscotti ripieni - stuffed cookies

I biscotti fatti in casa sono più buoni di quelli industriali.
Home-made cookies taste better than packaged cookies.

Questi biscotti sono così duri da spaccare un dente!
These cookies are so hard they could break your teeth!

I biscotti dietetici non contengono zucchero.
Dietary cookies don’t have sugar in them.

cookie in italian - biscotti friabili

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