How do you say CHOCOLATE in Italian?

Chocolate in Italian


Cioccolato is how you say chocolate into Italian.

OriginFrom the Aztec word chocollatl

Il cioccolato

Chocolate in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, cioccolato has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Un cioccolato
A chocolate

Dei cioccolati
Some chocolates

Il cioccolato
The chocolate

I cioccolati
The chocolates

sachertorte, chocolate cake . how do you say chocolate in italian

Chocolate in Italian: Examples

La frutta è più sana del cioccolato.
Fruit is healthier than chocolate.

Vorrei un gelato al cioccolato.
I would like a chocolate ice cream.

Questo cioccolato ha un sapore davvero buono.
This chocolate tastes really good.


Chocolate in Italian translates as cioccolatino when it refers to a small chocolate praline or candy.

Il cioccolatino
The chocolate

cioccolatino - chocolate praline

It is a masculine noun, so it is preceded by the articles il (definite, the chocolate) and un (indefinite, a chocolate).

Un cioccolatino
A chocolate

Dei cioccolatini
Some chocolates

Il cioccolatino
The chocolate

I cioccolatini
The chocolates

The -ino suffix in Italian makes any noun smaller, so this literally means “small chocolate”.

Ho mangiato una scatola di cioccolatini.
I ate a box of chocolates.

Adoro i cioccolatini, soprattutto quelli con le noci.
I love chocolates, especially those with nuts.

Tom regala a Mary una scatola di cioccolatini.
Tom gives Mary a box of chocolates.


Chocolate in Italian can also be translated as cioccolata. Cioccolata is now used as a synonym for cioccolato, but it commonly refers to hot chocolate.

La cioccolata

happy kid lifting a bar of chocolate in her hand - how do you say chocolate in italian

It is a feminine noun, so it is preceded by the articles la (definite, the chocolate), and una (indefinite, a chocolate).

Una cioccolata
A chocolate

Delle cioccolate
Some chocolates

La cioccolata
The chocolate

Le cioccolate
The chocolates

You will translate cup of hot chocolate always as tazza di cioccolata calda, using cioccolata, and never as tazza di cioccolato caldo.

Tazza di cioccolata calda
Cup of hot chocolate

cup of hot chocolate with sugar cubes

Mi sono preparato una tazza di cioccolata calda.
I made myself a cup of hot chocolate.

Tom sorseggiò la sua cioccolata calda in silenzio.
Tom sipped his hot chocolate in silence.

Kinds of chocolate in Italian

Chocolate is made of cacao, cocoa. Cocoa has a very distinct flavor, sapore.

Depending on the amount of cocoa in the mixture, chocolate can either be white chocolate (no cocoa whatsoever!), milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Cioccolato bianco
White chocolate

Cioccolato alle nocciole
Chocolate with hazelnuts

Cioccolato alle nocciole is also called nocciolato, from the fusion of nocciola, hazelnut, and cioccolato.

white chocolate bar - how do you say chocolate in italian

Il cioccolato bianco non contiene cacao, ma burro di cacao.
White chocolate does not contain cocoa, but cocoa butter.

Il cioccolato alle nocciole è il mio preferito.
Hazelnut chocolate is my favorite.

Cioccolato al latte
Milk chocolate

Questo cioccolato al latte è troppo dolce.
This milk chocolate is too sweet.

Cioccolato fondente
Dark chocolate

woman making a chocolate cake shaped like a heart with "love" written on it

White and milk chocolate are pretty self-explaining, but what about the translation for dark chocolate in Italian?

Be careful: it is not “cioccolato scuro”, with scuro meaning dark, but fondente! Fondente is an adjective that comes from the verb fondere which means to melt or to liquify, so cioccolato fondente literally means “chocolate that melts in your mouth“!

Sometimes, because of its flavor, dark chocolate in Italian is also called cioccolato amaro, “bitter chocolate”.

Cioccolato amaro
Dark chocolate

Non mi piace il cioccolato fondente al 99%. Non si scioglie bene in bocca ed è amaro.
I don’t like 99% dark chocolate. It does not melt well in your mouth and it’s bitter.

Melted chocolate is translated as cioccolato fuso.

Cioccolato fuso
Melted chocolate

Chocolate in Italian: Expressions

You may be wondering what the translation for chocolate bar is in Italian.

Barretta di cioccolato
Chocolate bar

Tavoletta di cioccolato
Chocolate bar

Una barretta di cioccolato buono costa circa 3 euro.
A good chocolate bar costs about 3 euros.

Barretta literally means “small bar”, while tavoletta means “small table”. These are completely interchangeable, so you can use either of them.

Then there’s the “box of chocolates”.

Scatola di cioccolatini
Chocolate box

pink chocolate box - how do you say chocolate in italian?

Chocolate desserts in Italian

Chocolate is used to produce a variety of desserts. The most common are…

Torta al cioccolato
Chocolate cake

Gelato al cioccolato
Chocolate ice cream

Budino al cioccolato
Chocolate pudding

chocolate pudding

La torta al cioccolato è la regina dei dessert.
Chocolate cake is the queen of desserts.

Non ricordo più dove ho messo il preparato per il budino al cioccolato.
I can no longer remember where I put the chocolate pudding mix.

Wedding ceremonies often feature a fontana di cioccolato, a chocolate fountain. Guests usually cover some spiedini di frutta, fruit skewers, with melted chocolate for a delicious treat!

Fontana di cioccolato
Chocolate fountain

La fontana di cioccolato deve essersi rotta. Non gira più.
The chocolate fountain must have broken. It doesn’t spin anymore.

On Easter (a Pasqua) it’s customary for people to give out some uova di cioccolato, chocolate eggs, as a gift to family members and children.

Uovo di cioccolato
Chocolate egg

Che tipo di sorpresa hai trovato nell’uovo di cioccolato?
What kind of surprise did you find in your chocolate egg?

What are you waiting for? Head to a cioccolateria (chocolate shop) for a cup of cioccolata calda (you should already know this one)!

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