How do you say CHEAP in Italian?

Cheap in Italian


Economico is how you say cheap into Italian.

OriginFrom the Greek word oikonomikós, meaning “relating to the management of a household, domestic”

Economico is also used to translate “economic”.

Cheap; economic

Cheap in Italian: Different forms

Like all other adjectives in Italian, economico needs to match the gender (masculine or feminine) and the number (singular or plural) of the noun.

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Cheap in Italian: Examples

L’azienda vende prodotti economici di scarsa qualità.
The company sells cheap, low-quality products.

Vivono in un appartamento economico in un quartiere malfamato.
They live in a cheap apartment in a rough neighborhood.

La camera d’albergo era economica, ma anche sporca e scomoda.
The hotel room was cheap, but it was also dirty and uncomfortable.

Ho trovato un volo per l’Europa davvero economico a soli 300 dollari.
I found a really cheap flight to Europe for only $300.

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A buon mercato is another common way to translate cheap in Italian. It literally means “at good market”.

Ho comprato questo paio di scarpe a buon mercato.
I bought this cheap pair of shoes.

Another adjective that is commonly used is conveniente, which can also translate into English as “affordable”.

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For example, you can say…

Il mercato di frutta e verdura del mio quartiere è molto conveniente.
The fruit and vegetable market in my neighborhood is very convenient.

Il negozio di articoli per la casa offre prodotti convenienti e di buona qualità.
The home improvement store offers affordable and good quality products.

If cheap has a negative meaning, use the adjective scadente, which can also mean “poor”.


For example, you can say…

La qualità di questo legno è scadente.
The quality of this wood is poor.

Ho comprato dei pantaloni scadenti. Si sono strappati al primo utilizzo!
I bought some cheap pants. They ripped the first time I used them!

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