How do you say ANGRY in Italian?

Angry in Italian


Arrabbiato is how you say angry into Italian. It comes from arrabbiarsi, to get angry.

OriginFrom the Latin word rabies, “anger”


Angry in Italian: Different forms

Like all other adjectives in Italian, arrabbiato needs to match the gender (masculine or feminine) and the number (singular or plural) of the noun.

angry man talking at the phone

Angry in Italian: Examples

Il capo è molto arrabbiato. È meglio se stai alla larga dal suo ufficio!
The boss is very angry. You’d better stay away from his office!

Mia sorella si è arrabbiata quando le ho detto di aver rotto accidentalmente la sua bambola.
My sister got angry when I told her that I had accidentally broken her doll.

Perché siete così arrabbiati? Cos’è successo?
Why are you so angry? What happened?

Non ho mai visto delle anatre così arrabbiate.
I have never seen such angry ducks.

a brown and cream duck

There are a number of synonyms for arrabbiato in Italian. The most common are…



Pissed off
(This is a swear word!)

For example, you can say…

Il cliente era furibondo e insultò il commesso del negozio.
The customer was furious and insulted the salesman.

Mio fratello è quasi sempre incazzato.
My brother is almost always pissed off.

Michele era davvero inferocito.
Michele was really enraged.

angry boy slamming game console to the ground

Angry in Italian: Expressions

There are a number of idiomatic expressions featuring the word for angry in Italian. Among them you’ll find…

  • penne all’arrabbiata
  • chi tutto vuole nulla ha e di rabbia muore (“who wants it all has nothing and dies of anger”)

For example, you can say…

Ho intenzione di preparare delle penne all’arrabbiata per pranzo.
I plan to prepare penne pasta with arrabbiata sauce for lunch.

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