How do you say ABOUT in Italian?

About in Italian


Su/di is how you translate about in Italian when about refers to a topic. These are prepositions.

Remember that when definite articles are present, they are attached to the preposition that precedes them if this preposition is either di, a, da, in, and su.

Su, di
About (a certain topic)
Literally: On, of

For example, you can say…

Ho letto un libro sui dinosauri.
I (have) read a book about [on the] dinosaurs.

Penso di voler andare in vacanza in Grecia.
I’m thinking about going on vacation to Greece.

Di cosa stai parlando?
What are you talking about?

Giovanna e Alberto stanno parlando dell’esame.
Giovanna and Alberto are talking about the exam.

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Synonyms of su are the expressions che parla di (“that talks about”) or che tratta di (“that deals about”), such as…

Questo libro parla di un gruppo di amici che trova un tesoro.
This book is about a group of friends who find a treasure.

Circa, più o meno, verso

You can also translate about as circa, verso or più o meno, where più o meno literally translates as “more or less”. You use this when about is used as a synonym for “approximately”.

Verso is used with times, while circa and più o meno are exchangeable.

Vado a dormire verso mezzanotte.
I go to sleep at about midnight.

Ci saranno state più o meno mille persone al concerto.
There must have been about 1,000 people at the concert.

Lorenzo deve avere circa la nostra età.
Lorenzo must be about our age.

Vorrei prendere in prestito circa trecento dollari.
I’d like to borrow about three hundred dollars.

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Be about to (do sth)

The expression be about to do sth is translated into Italian as essere sul punto di fare qualcosa, which literally means “to be on the point of doing something”. It also translates to be on the verge of.

For example, you can say…

Ero sul punto di andare a letto quando qualcuno ha bussato alla porta.
I was about to go to bed when someone knocked on the door.

Il bambino è sul punto di piangere.
The child is on the verge of tears.

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