How do you say 81 in Italian?

81 in Italian

81 in Italian as a cardinal number

Ottantuno is how you pronounce the cardinal number (which defines a quantity) 81 in Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word octoginta and unum, meaning “eighty” and “one”

Eighty-one, 81

81 in Italian: Examples

Mia nonna ha appena compiuto 81 anni.
My grandmother has just turned 81.

Solo 81 studenti su 500 hanno passato l’esame.
Only 81 students out of 500 have passed the exam.

Il film dura 81 minuti.
The movie lasts 81 minutes.

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81 in Italian as an ordinal number

The ordinal number (defines an order) for 81 in Italian is ottantunesimo. Let’s hear how it is pronounced.


Ordinal numbers are adjectives in Italian. Like all other adjectives in Italian, ottantunesimo has to match the noun in both gender and number.


For example, you can say…

Questo libro è arrivato all’ottantunesima edizione.
This book is now in its 81st edition.

Tagliai il traguardo all’ottantunesimo secondo.
I crossed the finish line in the 81st second.

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