How do you say 78 in Italian?

78 in Italian

78 in Italian as a cardinal number

Settantotto is how you pronounce the cardinal number (which defines a quantity) 78 in Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word septuàginta and octo, meaning “seventy” and “eight”

Seventy-eight, 78

78 in Italian: Examples

Il mio astuccio può contenere fino a 78 pastelli a cera.
My case can hold up to 78 crayons.

Abbiamo venduto solo 78 bicchieri finora.
We have only sold 78 glasses so far.

Ho 78 monete da 5 centesimi.
I have 78 5-cent coins.

a coin case

78 in Italian as an ordinal number

The ordinal number (defines an order) for 78 in Italian is settantottesimo. Let’s hear how it is pronounced.


In Italian, ordinal numbers are adjectives. Like all other adjectives in Italian, settantottesimo must match the noun in both gender and number.


For example, you can say…

Credo che sia la settantottesima caramella che mangio.
I think this is the seventy-eighth piece of candy candy I’ve eaten.

Il calciatore fa gol al settantottesimo minuto.
The soccer player scores in the seventy-eighth minute.

kid despairing after a defeat

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