How do you say 65 in Italian?

65 in Italian

65 in Italian as a cardinal number

Sessantacinque is how you pronounce the cardinal number (which defines a quantity) 65 in Italian.

OriginFrom the Latin word sexa(g)inta and quinque, meaning “sixty” and “five”

Sixty-five, 65

65 in Italian: Examples

Il mio armadio pesa 65 chili.
My closet weighs 65 kilograms.

Dobbiamo ordinare almeno 65 sacchi di farina.
We need to order at least 65 bags of flour.

In questa colonia vivono almeno 65 gatti.
At least 65 cats live in this colony.

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65 in Italian as an ordinal number

The ordinal number (defines an order) for 65 in Italian is sessantacinquesimo. Let’s hear how it is pronounced.


Ordinal numbers are adjectives in Italian. Like all other adjectives in Italian, sessantacinquesimo must match the noun in both gender and number.


For example, you can say…

Il signor Bianchi è il sessantacinquesimo presidente della nostra associazione.
Mr. Bianchi is the 65th president of our association.

La nostra squadra è al sessantacinquesimo posto in classifica. Che disfatta!
Our team is in 65th place in the ranking. What a failure!

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