How do you say 42 in Italian?

42 in Italian

42 in Italian as a cardinal number

Quarantadue is how you pronounce the cardinal number (which defines a quantity) 42 in Italian.

Forty-two, 42

42 in Italian: Examples

Mio papà compirà 42 anni domani.
My dad will be 42 years old tomorrow.

Qual è la risposta alla domanda fondamentale sulla vita, l’universo e tutto quanto? 42!
What’s the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything? 42!
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Sulla torta ci sono 42 candeline.
There are 42 candles on the cake.

dog celebrating its birthday with a big cake

42 in Italian as an ordinal number

The ordinal number (defines an order) for 42 in Italian is quarantaduesimo.


Ordinal numbers are adjectives in Italian. Like all other adjectives in Italian, quarantaduesimo must match the noun in both gender and number.


For example, you could say…

Oggi è il quarantaduesimo anniversario del nostro matrimonio.
Today is the 42nd anniversary of our marriage.

Sono arrivata quarantaduesima alla gara.
I came 42nd in the race.
(Female subject)

kids about to start a race

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