Musical instruments in Italian

Musical instruments in Italian 1-5

Lo strumento musicale
The musical instrument

La chitarra
The guitar

Il basso
The bass guitar

Il piano, il pianoforte
The piano

Il violoncello
The cello

woman playing a cello

Musical instruments in Italian 6-10

Il violino
The violin

Il tamburo
The drum

The harp

Il flauto
The flute

La tromba
The trumpet

mouse playing a trumpet

Musical instruments in Italian 11-15

The oboe

Il sassofono
The saxophone

Il trombone
The trombone

La tastiera
The keyboard

The pipe organ

big pipe organ

Musical instruments in Italian 16-20

La fisarmonica
The accordion

Il clarinetto
The clarinet

Le maracas
The maracas

Il banjo
The banjo

Il mandolino
The mandolin

sitting man playing the mandolin

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