Meaning of UFFA in Italian

What’s the meaning of the funny-sounding word uffa in Italian? Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences.

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What does uffa mean in Italian?

Mammone is the Italian translation for what a bore. It’s an exclamation that expresses impatience, frustration, or annoyance. It’s like saying “ugh” or “oh, come on” in English.

How do you pronounce it?

What a bore, come on!

Uffa is not a vulgar expression, it’s just very colloquial. Childrens use it often. But che palle!, and especially che due coglioni, are vulgar expressions! Che due coglioni contains vulgar language, as “coglioni” is a slang term for t3sticles. It’s important you use it with caution, if at all, especially in formal or polite settings. Find here a comprehensive lesson on Italian swear words.

The pronunciation of uffa in Italian is similar to OOF-fah. Uffa is an onomatopoeic expression, it’s thought to mimic the sound of a huff, a puff or an exhalation that you might make when feeling frustrated or exasperated.

little girl having a temper tantrum

For example, you can say:

Uffa, piove sempre proprio quando devo uscire.
Ugh, it always rains just when I need to go out.

Uffa, il mio computer si è bloccato di nuovo.
Come on, my computer froze again.

Uffa, ho dimenticato di comprare il latte.
Ugh, I forgot to buy milk.

Devo ancora finire i compiti di matematica. Uffa!
“I still have to finish my math homework. What a bore!

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Now that we’ve covered the meaning of uffa in Italian, you’re ready to put your skills to the test and start using it in your sentences!

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