Meaning of PELOSO in Italian

What’s the meaning of the funny-sounding word peloso in Italian? Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences.

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What does peloso mean in Italian?

Peloso is translated as “hairy”. It’s used to describe something or someone covered in hair or fur.

How do you pronounce it?


The pronunciation of peloso in Italian is similar to peh-LOH-soh. Peloso comes from the word pelo which means “hair” or “fur”. By adding the descriptive suffix “-oso,” it becomes peloso, indicating something or someone covered in hair.

A feminine version exists, pelosa.

white lynx

For example, you can say:

Lo yak è un animale peloso.
The yak is a hairy animal.

I cani pelosi sono adorabili, sembrano dei peluche viventi.
Hairy dogs are adorable, they look like living plush toys.

I kiwi verdi hanno una buccia pelosa.
Green kiwifruit have a hairy skin.

Ho comprato un paio di stivaletti foderati di pelo.
I bought a pair of boots lined with fur.

brown botts lined with fur

Peloso can also mean “slick” or “insincere”.

Stefano è una persona pelosa. Non mi fido di lui.
“Stefano is a slick person. I don’t trust him.”

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