Meaning of INCHIODARE in Italian

What’s the meaning of inchiodare in Italian? Read on to find out why with example sentences and audio recordings.

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What does inchiodare mean in Italian?

Inchiodare most commonly translates as to nail, to hammer in, referring to the action of fastening or securing something with nails.

How do you pronounce it?

To nail, to hammer in

For example, you can say…

Sto inchiodando delle assi per costruire un tavolo.
I am nailing planks to build a table.

Its pronunciation is similar to een-kyo-DAH-reh. Be careful not to add a -y sound to the final -e. Italian vowel sounds are clean.

Inchiodare comes from the noun chiodo, “nail”. Note that “nail” as a fingernail is called unghia, so it’s a completely different word in Italian!

a hand using a banana as a hammer

Other meanings of inchiodare in Italian

Inchiodare can also mean “to pin down” or “to be stuck”, either physically or metaphorically.

Federico inchioda il ladro al muro prima che possa scappare.
Federico pins the thief to the wall before he can escape.

Sono le diciannove e sono inchiodato in ufficio dalle otto di stamattina.
It is nineteen o’clock and I have been stuck in the office since eight o’clock this morning.

You can use inchiodare to translate “to nail” in the sense of catching or proving someone’s guilt.

Il sangue sul muro è la prova che inchioda il colpevole.
The blood on the wall is the evidence that nails the culprit.

a man interrogating a suspect

Finally, inchiodare in Italian also refers to the action of slamming on the brakes, bringing a car to a sudden and forceful stop.

Il gatto attraversa la strada e Gabriele inchioda per non investirlo.
The cat crosses the road and Gabriele slamps on the brakes so as not to run it over.

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