Meaning of GUFARE in Italian

What’s the meaning of gufare in Italian?

Gurare is one of the many ways you can say “to jinx” in Italian, but there’s an interesting fact behind this word. Read on to find out why!

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What does gufare mean in Italian?

Gufare is an informal translation for to bring bad luck.

How do you pronounce it?

To bring bad luck, to jinx

Its pronunciation is similar to goo-FAH-reh. Be careful not to add a -y sound to the final -e. Italian vowel sounds are clean.

Origins of gufare in Italian

Gufare comes from gufo, “owl”.

In Italian culture, owls are considered a sign of bad luck: they are nocturnal, prey on innocent mice at night, and thrive in darkness. For this reason, especially in the Middle Ages, they were associated with death and the devil. To see an owl was considered a bad omen.

a sleeping owl in daytime

Thus gufare was born, with the meaning of “to bring bad luck”.

Examples with gufare in Italian

Smettila di gufare, andrà tutto bene.
Stop bringing bad luck, everything will be fine.

A Sergio piace gufare: pensa sempre agli scenari peggiori.
Sergio likes to bring bad luck: he always thinks of worst-case scenarios.

You can also use the expression fare l’uccello del malaugurio, which can be translated as “to be a bird of bad omen”.

Non è piacevole viaggiare con qualcuno che fa l’uccello del malaugurio.
It is not pleasant to travel with someone who is a bird of ill omen.

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