Meaning of GATTARA in Italian

What’s the meaning of the funny-sounding word gattara in Italian? Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences.

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What does gattara mean in Italian?

Gattara is the Italian translation for cat lady. It describes a woman who loves cats, often to an excessive extent. It’s derived from the word gatto, meaning “cat”, or gatta, “female cat”. A gattara is someone who cares for and often adopts stray or abandoned cats (gatti randagi o abbandonati).

A cat lady’s obsession can have a negative connotation, like the “crazy cat lady” in The Simpsons cartoon.

lady walking a cat

How do you pronounce it?

Cat lady

The pronunciation of gattara in Italian is similar to gaht-TAH-rah. We’ve seen that it comes from gatto, cat, coupled with the suffix -ara that comes from the Roman dialect to denote an activity (like paninaro, someone who’s into fashion and a certain lifestyle).

A masculine version exists, gattaro, but is uncommon. This is because the stereotype associated with the term gattara often involves a woman.

Una gattara
A cat lady

Delle gattare
Some cat ladies

La gattara
The cat lady

Le gattare
The cat ladies

For example, you can say:

La mia vicina di casa è una gattara.
My next-door neighbor is a cat lady.

La gattara del quartiere sfama una colonia di venti gatti.
The neighborhood cat lady feeds a colony of 20 cats.

Ci sono almeno dieci gatti che stanno aspettando davanti alla casa della gattara.
At least ten cats are waiting in front of the cat lady’s house.

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