Meaning of BRUFOLO in Italian

What’s the meaning of the funny-sounding word brufolo in Italian?

Brufolo is the Italian translation for “pimple”. Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences!

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What does brufolo mean in Italian?

As said, brufolo is the Italian translation for pimple.

How do you pronounce it?


Its pronunciation is similar to broo-foh-loh. Brufolo in Italian is said to come from the Latin words verrūca, meaning “wart”, and rufŭlus, “reddish”. Be careful not to add a -w sound to the final -o. Italian vowel sounds are clean.

Un brufolo
A pimple

Dei brufoli
Some pimples

Il brufolo
The pimple

I brufoli
The pimples

woman with a pimple on her nose

You can squeeze pimples, schiacciare i brufoli, and try to cover them, coprire i brufoli. For that purpose, you might use a correttore, a concealer.

Ho coperto il brufolo con il correttore prima di uscire.
I covered the pimple with concealer before going out.

People, usually teenagers, who constantly have many pimples on their face are said to suffer from acne (the word is the same in both Italian and English). A more colloquial synonym for brufolo in Italian is foruncolo, which translates to “boil, foruncle” and comes from foro, “hole”, literally meaning “little hole”.

Ti è spuntato un foruncolo sulla fronte.
A pimple has sprouted on your forehead.

Blackheads are called punti neri on a daily basis (“black dots”), but they are formally called comedoni.

Questa crema è molto pesante e mi causa la comparsa di punti neri.
This cream is very heavy and causes me to get blackheads.

woman with many pimples on her face

Examples with brufolo in Italian

Giovanni si è svegliato con un brufolo proprio sul naso.
Giovanni woke up with a pimple right on his nose.

Laura si è lamentata di un brufolo doloroso sul mento.
Laura complained about a painful pimple on her chin.

Quando Federico vide il brufolo, decise di non toccarlo per evitare cicatrici.
When Federico saw the pimple, he decided not to touch it to avoid scarring.

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