Meaning of AMBARADAN in Italian

What’s the meaning of ambaradan in Italian?

Ambaradan is one of the many ways you can say “mess” or “racket” in Italian, but there’s an interesting fact behind this word. Read on to find out why!

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What does ambaradan mean in Italian?

Ambaradan is an informal translation for chaos, racket.

How do you pronounce it?

Chaos, racket, mess

Its pronunciation is similar to uhm-bah-rah-dahn. Be careful not to add a -y sound to the final -e. Italian vowel sounds are clean.

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Origins of ambaradan in Italian

Ambaradan originates from the Guerra d’Etiopia, the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, in 1936.

An important battle in this war was held on a table mountain called Amba Aradam near Macallé.

some green hills

It was a confusing battle: the Italian army tried to break the local residence with the help of mercenary tribes. These tribes kept switching allies in the middle of the battle, creating a big mess.

Thus ambaradan was born, with the meaning of “a big mess”.

Examples with ambaradan in Italian

Dopo la festa, la casa era un vero ambaradan, con bicchieri ovunque.
After the party, the house was a real mess, with glasses everywhere.

La mia scrivania è sempre un ambaradan di documenti e penne.
My desk is always a chaos of papers and pens.

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