Meaning of AFA in Italian

What’s the meaning of the funny-sounding word afa in Italian? Read on to find out how to pronounce this word along with some example sentences.

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What does afa mean in Italian?

Afa in Italian refers to a hot and humid weather condition. It describes a combination of high temperature and muggy humidity, often found during the summer months.

How do you pronounce it?

Muggy weather

The pronunciation of afa in Italian is very easy and it’s similar to AH-fah. Afa comes from the onomatopoeic sound (b)af- done when you open your mouth to breathe when you are out of breath. Some words that use this sound combination are affanno, “shortness of breath” and sbafare, “to gobble down”. When you wolf something down, you open your mouth wide! 😉

From afa you get the adjective afoso, “muggy, hot and humid”.

man having trouble to walk from the heat

For example, you can say:

Non riesco a dormire con quest’afa.
I can’t sleep in this muggy weather.

Che caldo, c’è un’afa terribile!
It’s so hot, there’s a terrible heatwave!

Lavorare con quest’afa è davvero difficile.
Working in this heat and humidity is really challenging.

Anche di notte c’è un’afa opprimente. Non ne posso più!
Even at night, there’s an oppressive humidity. I can’t take this anymore!

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