[Naturally Italian] Lesson 1. Present tense of “essere” and “avere”

Welcome to lesson no. 1 in the Naturally Italian language course by Lingookies!

Listen to each sentence as many times as you need, then test your pronunciation and writing skills with the interactive exercises.

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The present tense of essere

Io sono.
I am.

Tu sei.
You are.

Lui è.
He is.

Lei è.
She is.

Esso è.
It is.

Noi siamo.
We are.

Voi siete.
You are. (plural)

Loro sono.
They are.

loro sono - they are

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The present tense of avere

Io ho.
I have.

Tu hai.
You have.

Lui ha.
He has.

Lei ha.
She has.

Esso ha.
It has.

Noi abbiamo.
We have.

Voi avete.
You have. (plural)

Loro hanno.
They have.

loro hanno - they have

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